Optimasi Pola Operasi Waduk Sutami Menggunakan Model Pemrograman Linier Kabur (Fuzzy Linear Programming)

Yenson Priyadi Abel, Rispiningtati Rispiningtati, Widandi Soetopo


Sutami Reservoir is located in Karangkates Village, Sumber Pucung District, Malang Regency. Its primary benefits are for flood control, irrigation, power generation of 3 x 35 MW, and to supply a minimum discharge of 56 m 3 /sec for downstream regions. Early on, it was planned that the minimum discharge for the hydropower turbine would be 25 m /sec and the maximum discharge would be 51.39 m 3 /sec. In its 40 years of age, the turbine has only been capable of handling a maximum discharge of 46.09 m 3 /sec. Electricity production can be maintained by optimizing the outflow that enters the turbine. A model was designed using a fuzzy linear programming model, which is combined with a simulation model for reservoir operating rule performance evaluation. In this study, an optimization of 11 years was obtained, in the form of optimal energy production of 5606.66 GWh, a new rule curve for the regulation of water surface levels, and a simulated result of 100% reliability for the model and existing implementation.

Keywords : Fuzzy linear programming, optimization, simulation, reservoir operation rule, Sutami reservoir.

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